Jennifer's Story

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Jennifer McCoy has spent years living in fear. “How am I going to pay for Liam’s next round of medical bills?” “What if my kids need a new pair of shoes?” “How are we going to afford school supplies?” These are the types of questions that keep Jennifer up at night.

Jennifer patiently waits for each hard-earned paycheck from the full-time job she’s had for the past 12 years.  She knows the value of working hard to provide a good life for her two young sons, Finn (6) and Liam (8).  In order to live in a safe neighborhood where the family feels comfortable, Jennifer invests more than 50% of her monthly income towards rent. 

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Despite paying so much to live in a safe environment, the McCoy family had a big scare this year when a loaded gun was found on the apartment complex’s playground.  Jennifer’s now afraid to let her sons step foot onto the playground where they once spent countless hours playing.  

Adding even more uncertainty to Jennifer’s finances is Liam’s serious heart condition.  Born without a pulmonary artery connecting his lungs to his heart, Liam has undergone many surgeries since the day he was born.  Unfortunately it’s a life-long condition that’s going to require additional operations.  Something Jennifer fears both because of how hard it is to see her child have a major surgery, as well as the unpredictable and costly medical bills that roll in for months after the surgery is over.


With rent scheduled to go up an additional 10% this year, Jennifer has been quickly running out of options.  Now that she’s partnering with Habitat for Humanity, her family’s future is looking brighter.  Jennifer has always dreamed of owning her own home – a place where her kids can grow up knowing the neighbors and can safely play in their own yard.  Now that her dream is becoming a reality, Jennifer is most excited about the stability her affordable housing payments will bring.  “I won’t have to be terrified about everyday issues,” Jennifer shares. “Thank you so much for giving us a chance at life!”

The McCoy family’s home is currently under construction and is scheduled to close on December 18th… just in time for the holidays.  “I want to put a big bow on the house!” shares Jennifer. “If we can wake up on Christmas morning in our very own house, it will be the best gift we could have ever imagined.”

Give the Gift of Home to the McCoy Family!


Read a special letter from Jennifer to all of the volunteers, donors and Habitat staff who have helped bring her the stability, safety and affordability of homeownership.