Justin & Jordan

“Financial stability... security... stable schooling for my son.  I didn’t expect life to change as much as it has.”

Watch Justin share how his Habitat home has created stability for himself and his son.

In 2012, Justin was struggling to pay the bills and make ends meet for himself and his son.  As a single parent, he was working full time while raising Jordan, but despite having a steady job, he was still struggling to find affordable housing.  By the time he reached out to Habitat in seek of a housing solution, he was investing about 70% of his income towards rent, making it difficult to pay other bills and plan for emergencies.

Today, Justin has been a proud Habitat homeowner since 2013. “One of the best parts of being a Habitat homeowner is getting to build your own house.”

Life has changed in quite a few ways for Justin and Jordan since they first moved into their new home.  “I can now buy new clothes for my son, instead of buying then second hand,” shares Justin. “It’s great to be able to put food on the table without relying on food stamps.  But, one of the biggest joys of owning a Habitat home is getting to spend a lot more quality time with my son.”


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