David and Furaha’s Story

“Habitat gave us a second start. Coming from being a refugee where they burned our house to America where we've struggled, Habitat is making us alive again.”

—Furaha, Habitat homeowner

Furaha and her husband, David, immigrated to America, looking for safety from war in their home country. As parents of two boys and a girl, they are now focused on the future and the safe, stable life they can better ensure for their family as homeowners.

Before partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver, David and Furaha struggled to afford increasing rent despite both working full-time jobs. Worse, the neighborhood was unsafe, and their landlord was unresponsive to requests for repairs.

Furaha and David's Habitat partnership represents a larger dream to rebuild their family’s life in America. 

“For me, being a refugee... Owning a home in America is a big deal for me. I’m so happy about it," said Furaha, whose children also said they're excited to have their own rooms and a back yard.


“We left everything in our country. Our house was burned," shares David. "I lost everything and was very insecure. Today I’m secure, and now I get an opportunity to build my house. So I feel like I get peace.”

David and Furaha now see a brighter future full of possibilities with the security their new home will bring.

“I plan to go back to school for nursing,” Furaha said.

David’s working toward a new career as well. “I’m going to school to improve my English and then to study medical interpretation because I speak more than six languages.”

"To all the volunteers and supporters who make Habitat’s program possible, Furaha says, “I would thank everyone by hugging all of them. It’s so amazing. Thank you for giving us home and security."

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