Homeowner Stories

Habitat for Humanity’s impact goes so much farther than just building homes. When hardworking families achieve strength, stability, and independence through affordable homeownership, we address so many other social issues including financial stability, education, health, safety, and happiness.
Habitat gives hard-working families a “hand-up,” not a hand out. This allows people who are dedicated to invest their time, energy, and finances into building their future. We’re proud that our work empowers families to live up to their full potential, and creates new opportunities that can transform lives for generations.
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Read inspiring stories below about homeowners who have achieved strength, stability and independence since purchasing their Habitat homes.

Judith & Omar

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Madrid Family

Madrid Family bucket.jpg

Ahmed & Rusul

Ahmed and Rusul.jpg

Ball Family

Ball Family bucket.jpg

Williams Family

Ronnettia bucket.jpg